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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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now in syria fighting with isis and they say they believe he was in contact with the terrorist bombers who allegedly ly ly plotted most of the attack from inside belgium before heading to paris to kill. police in belgium keeping the pressure on in the neighborhood where the alleged mastermind once lived. french authorities say that mastermind is this mind, a 27-year-old extremist who ordered the attacks from inside syria. they believe he is there alongside isis terrorists. -- >> inside france and inside the u.s.? >> the french spoke to parliament saying france's war on isis is not about containing it, but destroying it. >> french warplanes targeted two more targets in syria today after a night of bombing raids. investigators say he knew some
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from the same brussels' neighborhood plot the attack. did not turn up one brother abdeslam salah who has been the subject of an international manhunt. a third brother has apparently been cleared and said today his family is shocked by the allegations. one of the key terrorists concert hall suicide bomber omar ismael said he was in contact with the mastermind in syria and that turkish intelligence had given france warnings about his travel to and from syria in the last two years. frenchman bill also identified as a bomber as is a man previously arrested for terror in france but he jumped bail. this syrian man traveled from syria through greece to get to paris for the attack. how did they communicate? officials are looking into whether they used encryption software and european officials warned even before the attacks
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used in plotting attacks and to avoid detection. in cities across france at this hour, police raids continue focusing on known extremists and overnight 23 were and including a rocket launcher. france doing what it can to try to prevent the next attack. >> you may have noticed extra security in the streets of new york. just a short time ago, city leaders announced a new police unit being rolled out for our protection. marc santia has the details new at 5:00. >> sibila this new team right now behind the mourners who are gathered that consulate to express their sympathies. this new team received very specific training and be ready because you'll see them across the city. equipped with the latest technology and a clear mission, the new criminal response command is targeting terrorism across the city. >> we have the capacity now in new york city to deal with
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almost two dozen multiple events occurring in the city with all of the resources we have available. >> reporter: with the attacks in paris, the nypd has ramped up security but this new unit will be a constant fixture in our landscape and you can expect to see them out in force. something these new yorkers appreciate. >> i'm not usually happy to see assault rifles but i work at -- >> reporter: for commissioner bratton, the plan is simple. not enough to wait for it to happen and this new team will be on offense and defense. >> some of what we have to be constantly focused on is not only a significant areas such as the times square or many of the tourist attractions our stadiums are major events but the soft targets. >> and this new critical response command, they're based out of randles island and that's intentional because they have close proximity as well as the waterways and commissioner bratton says that response time
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is crucial for this team. we're live on the upper east side, i'm marc santia. >> thank you. with secretary of state john kerry looking on, as are so many landmarks around the world. news 4 david ushry has the latest now from paris. >> as the people of paris headed for subways, so did soldiers. at the louvre, the revered museum opened, again, police putolled. as a new week started, the french put a game face on and one foot in front of the other. at mid-day french paused. remembering and recovering. a journalist and a native son. >> people still feel very sad and shocked this morning i went to my job the other day on a bus and i can see people. >> the french still reeling, trying to channel that inner resolve familiar to new yorkers
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and all americans after 9/11. and americans will help. >> we were unsure as to what was going to happen. >> reporter: we met dawn from san francisco outside the louvre. she arrived in paris friday just a couple of hours before the attacks. she has not left. >> it really gave ocelot of inspiration to kind of say, you know what, we're not going to let the terrorists make us scared to love this city. look at the parisians, they're out doing their thing. >> david ushry reporting from paris. new yorkers are showing their solidarity that left a permanent scar on our city. hundreds gathered for the 9/11 mu emorial to pay tribute. ray villeda is there and in manten with this emotional story. ray? >> you can see the emotion on the faces who showed up to the september 11th memorial. i spoke with folks who lost loved ones on september 11th. this afternoon standing at the
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with france. the sound of the french national anthem filled the grounds where the twin towers once stood on a beautiful crisp fall day. >> i think it's wonderful that we're coming together all over the world to think about france. >> reporter: france is now dealing with the heartbreak and fear of terrorism that stunned this city 14 years ago. the service was a way to show the city of light, the city of new york stands with them. flowers were laid at the survivor tree, a tree which withstood the destruction of the towers, a sign of hope. it's coming back to patricia riley. her sister was on the 101st floor of tower two and she never came home. >> i wanted to come here to give my support and my love to the people of france. i really know first hand what they're going through. >> reporter: as the united nations shows its support for france as the details emerge about the victims, patricia
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a feeling she knows so well and will never forget. >> i mean on friday, you know, seeing what happened in paris. it just took you right back to the fear, i just knew how the people were feeling at that moment and and your heart aches for them. >> not only is her heart aching, but she tells me she is still feeling that fear she felt on september 11th. as the vigil wrapped up, the french consul general told us, i'm ray villeda, news 4 new york. there was a big debate tonight over president obama's plans to relocate thousands of syrian refugees here in the u.s. tonight a growing number of state governors say they're not allowing them in. rob schmidt is following both sides of this issue. >> this issue is heating up fast. this new wave of refugees from syria is just beginning to stream into the united states. 10,000 over the next year and
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the president plans to increase that number to 100,000 in 2017. this makes a lot of people nervous as we've learned one attacker in paris was admitted to france after registering as a refugee traveling through greece from syria. the white house is trying to calm nerves today and silence republican critics, remining people of the screening process for refugees which it it calls rigorous. the process involves many agencies including counterterrorism and an intensive background check. republicans argue many syrian refugees have little or no information to check on in the first place. today the president called for compassion for syrians just trying to escape the disaster that their homeland has become in recent years. >> we do not close our heartst to these victims of such violence. and somehow start equating the
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of terrorism. >> the president in turkey there earlier today in response to friday's terrorist attacks a number of governors plan to stop admitting refugees into their states. you can see the states in yellow. florida's governor rick scott says he doesn't have the power to stop the refugees, but currently is working to get it. connecticut governor says he will still accept syrian refugees and we reached out to governors cuomo and christie for their respective policies. chuck? >> thank you. now as officials tie these attacks to islamic radicals they condemn the violence and the jihadi terrorists. what we have seen unfold in no way represents their faith. it's a peaceful stream of the faithful through the doors of this islamic center in bayridge throughout the day.
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the violence committed in the name of his religion. >> i am crying. when i see tv, because it's no good. >> reporter: bayridge is one of many communities in that have seen an influx of migration. for so many here, the dream is the american one. to build a life and community. mohammad doesn't worry about possible backlash. he's proud to be a new yorker. >> everybody here is going to go home and that's it. >> reporter: tonight muslims groups across the tri-state area are condemning the attacks and those believed responsible. the islamic center of long island said in a statement, "our thoughts and prayers with the victims." also includes this quote from the koran. whoever kills an innocent person
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>> they're not any religion. they're not muslim. >> reporter: in one of the most diverse cities on the planet, a shared horror. >> our extensive coverage is far from over. coming up new at 5:30, the method of communication that authorities believe terrorists are using to plot their attacks without a trace. andrew siff is showing off how it's happening. go to for all the coverage of the terror in paris. new video and the personal stories being shared by survivors of the attacks. in other news now we're following breaking news in brooklyn. two people have been stabbed at a subway station in east new york. dennis is over the scene in chopper 4, dennis? >> that's right. looking down at the highland park section dealing with a stabbing here at the cleveland state station at cleveland and faulten. you can see some of the police activity up here on the
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down around 3:30 this afternoon and no word on what exactly led up to this and you can see crime scene tape up below and down below here at street level, as well. no streets closed down in this area and understand the a fled the scene. nypd detectives still on the scene and little police activity and as a result, we do have j trains. now bypassing the cleveland station as nypd continues to investigate. reporting live aboard chopper 4. >> keepupdated. for the first time since this unsettling video surfaced, the montessori school worker accused of mishandling a young child speaks out in her own defense. then at 5:30 a badly burned volunteer firefighter gets the most extensive face transplant ever. how he describes the moment when he saw his new reflection for the very first time. janice is here. >> another short sleeve weather
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we're back with more breaking news in brooklyn. this time in red hook. >> a tree branch fell on a man leaving him hurt. brynn is at the scene. >> the bike that that man was riding as we get out of the way. you can zoom in. the middle of this row between these two streets by the park and the police are right there still investigating. that delivery worker was riding that bike when work crews cut down one of these heavy tree branches along side this park hitting that man in the head. now, preliminary reports just a horrible accident, but as you can see, still being investigated. i reached out to the park's department and a spokesperson tells news 4 workers from an outside contractor are out here bruining trees as part of post-hurricane sandy work. also workers here directing pedestrians and according to police, this 50-year-old biker may have ignored those warnings and continued biking on this path before getting hit. again, something that is still under investigation.
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but one woman said she saw the accident happen from her apartment window pp . >> he was alive. he felt the impact because you heard it and you heard him. but then when i saw everybody coming, i said, oh, he's really, really bad. >> and that man is a delivery worker for a restaurant that is located just about a block from here call and it seems to be a very popular restaurant as a number of people in this area actually recognized this man and was extremely saddened to hear that he was hurt. again, everything still under investigation. that victim currently in critical condition in the hospital. brynn gingras. the search is on for a rapist in midtown. he met his victim on eighth avenue sunday morning and offered to buy her coffee, minutes later police say they were on the roof of a building where the man attacked and raped that woman. the victim was taken to
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police are hoping that she can give him a good description of the suspect. in new jersey legalized recreational marijuana got its first hearing and four states on the district of columbia already allow some recreilional use or sale of marijuana. in the garden state only medical marijuana is being recommended and they say it's time for that to change. today's hearing is the first of several to come focus on supporters of the idea. more than isweek away from thanksgiving, but here at rockefeller center it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. today workers hoisted the giant swarovski critical star on the top of this year 78-foot-tall rockefeller christmas tree. the giant treetop weighs 550 pounds. that's like five of me. it's nine feet in diameter and is made up of about 25,000 swarovski crystals. and don't miss the lighting of the rockefeller christmas tree wednesday december 2nd right here on news 4 new york. it hesn't sparkle any
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brighter. >> iove is man. and you, o. >> i can't even see right now pp . >> let me go over here and leave you two alone. go to a little weather. let's go outside right now quickly. let's go. there you two just carry on. all right, so, looking at the weather outside. but with weather like this, it sort of gives you that nice, warm, cozy feel. you feel good about everything. look, it was up near 70 in a lot of spots today temperature in the park is 64 an yd we have clear skies and that view is spectacular right there from the top of the rock camera. these were our high temperatures today. 67 in the park and 70 at jfk and close to 70 at laguardia. believe it or not, these were not records. we were about five degrees off from tying or setting new records for today. so, another mild late september kind of day around here. but it's back to the chilly conditions tonight. so, you might as well get your
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jackets and heavy sweaters ready. much cooler weather on tuesday. and there's rain coming and we're glad about that. late wednesday into thursday and early friday, the rain will come and it could be heavy at times. we're talking about a really good soaking, especially starting midday thursday into thursday afternoon. and thursday night. could see upwards of one, two, maybe two and a half inches of rain as it stands right now. it's dry out there now, though, with temperatures across northern new jersey in the mid up toer 50s to thet'ow 60s. meantime, morristown is at 64 and 60 in poughkeepsi and 0s and 60s out across long island and the jersey shore. skies are clear across our area thanks to high pressure. a storm system back across the southwest that is spinning some snow in the mountains and severe thunderstorms out ahead of that and moisture moving through the ohio valley. the combination of all those th ings will bring us some much-needed rai starting late wednesday night into thursday. our drought monitor still shows the dry conditions around here.
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this evening, though, it is dry, it's clear, a cool breeze starts to set up. we have a weak cold front coming in late tonight early tomorrow. and so the temperatures will drop. so, don't expect 60s near 70 tomorrow. start to look at the 30s in most spots throughout theern moing and throughout the day we will strug tool get gle to get out of the 40s. it's going to be a c lly night tomorrow night as well. it's cool into tuesday night. looking for temperatures tonight, 35 and down to 41 in the city and we'll get a northeast wind starting to blow around here. throughout the area tomorrow, it is much, much cooler than today. by some 10 to 15 degrees cooler. so, 50 is the high tomorrow. that's it. 57 on wednesday and rain coming in thursday and ending on friday and setting up for a nice weekend. but cool saturday and sunday. back to u. guys okay over there? we have a lot more ahead tonight. have you seen that video, that
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we're hearing from a m'vtessori schoolteacher accused of roughly handling a child in her care. this iteam u 2ate is coming up next. coming up at 6:00, you saw it first at 4:00. the jail interview. now news 4 investigates as the key witness takes the stand. could he be set free? join chuck scarborough and sibila vargas at 6:00. find over 1,000 special stories
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i was running 6 months after a hip repair. hiking 2 weeks after spine care. and setting records 9 months after shoulder treatment. one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at we have an iteam update. you may remember this video, a worker at montserry school roughly handling a child in her care. >> she can plead to lesser charges but she can still face jailtime. >> reporter: former apple montessori worker appeared before judge mark nelson for the second time to hear the details of a plea deal being offered. >> the state would allow the defendants to plead guilty to endangering a third degree
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crime. >> reporter: and prosecutors would get rid of the more serious child abuse charge but dugen would still have to spend six months in jail. >> i don't think i deserve to go to jail. >> reporter: outside the jersey city courthouse, the embattled day care worker shared video. dugen appears to be roughly handling a toddler she was caring for. >> i did not curse at that child. i was telling her to stop spitting. >> reporter: the toddler was having a temper tantrum that day and brought the child into the school to clean up the spit. >> she was spitting and there was spit all over her and her shirt and shoes and she kept kicking. i tried to put them back on. >> it's a shame that this had to come this far. >> reporter: dugan's sister was by her side for her support. saying she would never hurt a child. >> overworked, stressed and a personal family issue. >> reporter: she did not enter a
5:26 pm
plea today. the judge gave her time to discuss the deal with her attorney and she's expected back in court on november 30th. in jersey city, news 4 new york. coming up, david ushry will join us live from paris and, also, how did the terrorists plan these attacks without anyone noticing. we'll take a closer look at the apps, even video game system that may have helped them fly under the radar. plus, this -- >> a surgery like never before. 26 hours long and in the end, an emergency responder has a new face. i'm jen maxfield at nyu medical center. coming up the remarkable details on this operation. also, would you pay $50 to let your kid see santa? why one new jersey mall wanted parents to pay up. those stories and much more when
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